How To Attract A Man

How to attract a man

So, you want to know how to attract a man? You’ve come to the right place, we couldn’t have a site about how to get a boyfriend without teaching you how to attract a man could we? Below are some proven methods you can use to attract a man.

Present Yourself In An Attractive Manner

What you wear and how you present yourself can be a very big factor when it comes to attracting a man. If you wear clothes that remind a man of his mother, it’ll make it a whole lot harder to make him attracted to you (Unless he’s into that sort of thing). Smart and sexy is the way forward. You want your clothes to be a little bit revealing, just enough for them to see a bit of skin and want to see more. Don’t over do this revealing thing though, as reveal too much and you’ll start to attract the wrong type of guy.

Make sure you’re smelling nice too. If a guy goes out of his way to talk to you and your body odours are protruding through your clothes, chances are he’ll go out of his way to get away from you just as fast. Having daily washes (Sometimes twice daily for some people) and wearing deodorant will help keep any unwanted smells away. This may seem like an obvious point to some people, but it is not for everyone. You may also want to wear some light perfume, not too much as this is also a turn off for some men. So now you’re looking and smelling attractive, the next step is to make sure a guy notices you.

Give Him The Sign

Remember, guys are only human too. While you’re worrying about how to attract a man and getting a boyfriend, a lot of them are worrying about how to attract a girl and getting a girlfriend! Have you ever seen a guy who clearly wants to talk to someone but doesn’t end up doing it? They may be just as shy as you if not more so about getting a partner, and even if they find you attractive they may not approach you out of the fear of rejection. So how do you let a guy know it’s OK for him to come and approach you? Well, you give him a sign of course! But wait, what is the sign? A typical sign would be an acknowledgement of him. Catch his eye, and when you’re both looking at each other give him a smile. This is a classic sign you’re interested, and after one too three uses he should have no doubt you’re interested in him.

So how long do you hold the look and smile? Well, you hold the look until he’s looking back at you. When you catch his eye, smile directly at him for two to three seconds and look down / back at your friends while still smiling. Don’t worry if you get nervous and can’t hold the smile for that long, even if you pull away quickly and look nervous about staring at this guy, that’s still a good sign that you’re interested. Just make sure you get that initial bit of eye contact and he sees that smile. Do this up to three times and he should hopefully approach you. If by the second time he’s not giving you a smile back when you do this however, leave it there as he’s probably not interested.

How To Attract A Man – Approach Him

So what happens if you give him the sign three times, he smiles and looks back but he doesn’t approach you? These methods showing how to attract a man don’t work do they? Wrong, sometimes guys are just too shy to make a move. So what to do next? Well, you could always approach him… Now wait I hear you say, isn’t this lesson about how to attract a man? Yes, it is. And sometimes to attract a man you have to approach them. You done the attracting by giving him the signs and him giving you the signs back (Him smiling and watching you). But if he seems interested but hasn’t approached you yet there’s a reason. It could be that he’s shy to approach a girl, or it could be that you’re with all your friends and he wouldn’t want to talk to you and potentially embarrass himself in front of all those people. This is why you’d want to approach him.

This may seem like a hard job but remember, he’s already showed that he has some interest in you. If he’s by himself, walking up to him at a steady pace and simply saying “Hi, my name is *insert your name here*” can simply be enough to start a conversation and get things moving.

If he’s with all his friends however, you may not want to go over and talk to him alone. Here you have two options. 1, you may want to go over with a friend of two of your own. That way you can talk to him, and your friends can talk to his friends. 2, a better option may be to call him over. You may want to separate yourself from your friends (e.g. Find a separate table by yourself or stand in a open space) and next time you get eye contact with him give him a little wave. This may be a ‘come here’ wave, or a ‘hello’ wave, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. What is important is that you’re smiling when you do it and it’s not aggressive. You don’t want to make him feel like you’re summoning him, more like you’re inviting him to a better place. He may wave you over to him as a reply, and you can either go, or gently shake your head and invite him over again. If he comes over to you, you can get talking. If neither of you choose to go over to the other, you can go back to your friends and move on to the next guy.

How To Attract A Man – Flirt With Him

Just because you start talking to a guy, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try and attract him any more. All of the previous stages where leading up to this point, sealing the deal. The previous stages were all geared at giving him a good first impression and making yourself seem attractive enough to get a dialogue going. Now you have that dialogue, the next stage is to get him to want you for you. How do you do that? Just be yourself, but be flirty with it! Not over the top flirty, but a little touch of his knee when he makes a joke (Laugh, then briefly touch his knee if you’re both sitting down) or gentle push when he saying something cheeky will instigate friendly play and make them feel more attractive and at ease with you. You want to do this too much if he doesn’t do the same back, but doing this two or three times will better let you know where you’re at.

You can also verbally flirt with him, as whether or not he does the same back this can make you seem attractive in his eyes. You don’t want to be outright rude or full on, but some cheeky banter can make you seem like a fun person and make him see you as more then just a potential friend. It’s all about tapping in to making him see you as a potential partner, come across as just another one of his friends and you’ll have a hard time turning that view around (His friends are just his friends for a reason after all).

More Flirting Tips And How To Keep His Interest In The Long Term

All these tips on how to attract a guy are very well and good, but what happens after you’ve fluttered your eye lids a few times? How do you keep his attention and make him want you? If you want the real secret to getting a man and keeping his interest in the long term, check out From Flirting To Forever by Kara Oh, a widely recognised dating expert. I’ve read it a few times, and From Flirting To Forever is the only guide you’ll ever need to allow you to attract and keep a loving man. You can see our From Flirting To Forever Review here. Good luck with finding your boyfriend, and if you want to know how to attract a man then check out that book.

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18 Responses to “How To Attract A Man”

  1. Layla Marish says:

    the thing is, is that one of my guy friends who i’m pretty sure likes me, i mean its kind of obvious veryone else thinks he likes me too, sometimes he looks at me and then i look at him and smile but i do NOT like him i just like him as a friend and so what if he thinks i like him because i smiled at him because that wouldn’t be good because then he might ask me out and i dont want to hurt his feelings or something

    • admin says:

      Hi Layla. Giving someone a smile doesn’t mean you like them, you could just be being friendly. Keep talking to him as a friend, and should he ever tell you he likes you as anything more, simply tell him you see him more as a friend. He should understand this, and appreciate you’re being honest with him instead of leading him on. Good luck.

  2. Tamsin says:

    I’ve got a guy who has told me that he really likes me,and although I’ve explained to him that I only see him as a friend, he is still very persistent and its got to the point were its getting a little bit creepy and now I don’t even consider him as a friend. I am certain that I do not do anything that could give him the wrong idea, I try not to talk to him if possible, and when I do have to talk to him Ii give short answers and defiantly do not flirt with him. I’m at a loss of what to do now…

    • admin says:

      Hi Tamsin, this is a very common problem. I know you told him you only see him as a friend, but if he’s still making you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s best you tell him you don’t even consider him as that any more. If he asks why, you can should tell him, and let him know his actions are making you feel uncomfortable. Hopefully this will be enough to make him leave you alone. If not, maybe you should get some other people involved (Teachers, any mutual friends etc). They may be able to have a word with him. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

  3. jia richard says:

    hey, I have been crushing on this guy for the past 3 years on. I am really bad at flirting n all of that thing. I am kinda tomboyish too. I have a feeling he knows I like him because once I tried flirting with him and I got so nervous. I kept going on and on and that probably made him think I was a dumbo. He also appears to be shy and Ive heard that’s because some chick broke his heart. I am very serious about this one. Everybody I know tells me, he is my type and I shudnt loose this one

    • admin says:

      Hi Jia. A good idea could be just to talk to this guy as a friend. I know, easier said then done. But that’s how all good relationships start. Start by making general comments to him, like asking if he knows about something (The time, when something’s happening etc) and gradually build up from there. Each conversation could be just a couple of sentences initially, then tell him “OK thanks, see you soon”. This will make it easier for you, and not give you as much time to be nervous and keep talking too much. After doing this a couple of times you can let the conversation flow a bit more / go on for longer if it feels natural.

      If you have any mutual friends, you might want to make it so you’re all together when going out. You can then talk to your friends in the group, and ask him what he thinks about the subject matter. Discussions are another great way to break the ice, and get you more comfortable talking generally to him.

      Give these things a try, and let us know how you get on. Good luck. 🙂

  4. Guh says:

    I’ve been crushing on this guy. And he always talks to me and sits next to me in homeroom. He’s always slightly touching me but not like sexually . He’s always smiling at me and nicer to me than everyone else. I don’t know what the signs are ? Like if hes flirting or just being nice.

    • admin says:

      Hi Guh. In all honesty, it sounds like he likes you. All of those things put together? They’re signs girl 🙂
      So you like this guy? If so you might want to show him you’re interested.

  5. Titania says:

    I have a crush on a guy and he knows that i like him and I really want to know what he thinks of me back and don’t want to ask him. He talks to me alot, tells me jokes,helps me with stuff and we’re friends.

    • admin says:

      Hi Titania. Asking him would be the best way, but if you don’t want to do that there are other things you can do. Maybe try and be mildly flirty with him and see how he reacts. For example, try giving him a cuddle and see if he cuddles back. From there if your cuddles get longer as times go on this is a good sign. It’s also help you become more close to each other in a non pressure way. Good luck.

  6. Cassie says:

    I’m in college and the guy I currently like is a senior and Im a freshmen. He’s in a frat called Phi Sigma Kappa and every year they have a formal. He invited me to his formal after I just met him. He treated me like I was his girlfriend. After formal though he never texted, called, or anything. I see him around campus and at bars and clubs but over the past month or so I’ve developed feelings for him. Fall semester ended and I didnt know how to tell him I liked him. I mean I try and flirt but I guess its just not my forte. At this point I’ve given up. Spring semester starts in a week and Im super nervous. He gives me mixed signals.. What do I do?! Any help?

    • admin says:

      Best advice? Ask him how he feels about you. It seems you have enough of a relationship to do so, being straight with each other will let you know the situation either way.

  7. emily says:

    i dont know if a guy i had a crush on for a really long time likes me i am not a good flirter we are best friends too, he gets really close to me when we work on a project in biologey he smiles and talks all the time to me what do you think i should do ask him out or wait for him to? he also puts his hands on top of mine when i am working on a assinment

    • admin says:

      Hi Emily. I think you should ask him out. Get used to taking matters in your own hand and you will find getting a boyfriend a lot easier. A lot of relationships start from friendship, so give it a shot. Good luck. 🙂

  8. Hannah says:

    I am a 24 year old woman and I like a 21 year old man. I am currently a first year student and he graduated from the same program that I am attending. He was our teacher’s helper in one of my classes, so I only saw him once a week for 3 hours. The last 5 weeks of class, I noticed that he would be looking at me from a distance and then look away. If we all had to listen to and watch the teacher demonstrate things, he would sometimes stand right next to me and not leave much space. If he was trying to help one of my classmates that was right next to me, he would squeeze in between us and would always brush up next to me. He would also tease me by throwing short sticks in my direction when we’re outside (playfully), pretend to push tools at me (playfully), and he would only high-five me in class. I always smiled with him and talked to him. He had a girlfriend, but he broke up with her, and he now has a new girlfriend. I would like to know what I am to him. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Hannah. Right now, you are nothing more then a friend to him. From what you said it does look like he might like you, but unless either of you takes a step to make anything official you’ll never know.

      Since he has a girlfriend now, I recommend you carry on with your life. If any other guys come along you like, great, see how it goes with them. If this current guy ever breaks up with his girlfriend and you’re still interested, then you need to make a move. That way you’ll know if he’s really interested or not, and make sure you’re the next girlfriend instead of someone else. You can see the best ways to make him yours here.

      Don’t whatever you do try and make a move now. You should respect that he has a girlfriend and that’s he’s off the market. If you approach him when he has a girlfriend and he gets with you, what’s to stop the same thing happening when you’re with him?

      Good luck, I hope things work out for you.

  9. Tish says:

    Me lacking confidence insecure because of my weight will not allow
    me to try this but I may get lucky. I really want to find a good man

    • admin says:

      It’s hard when there’s a lack of confidence, but you can overcome that with time. You need to remember that there is someone out there for everyone, and you will find there are guys that will like you regardless of your weight. Keep trying to look and you will find someone.