How To Avoid The Wrong Type Of Guy

Avoid the wrong type of guy

It’s not hard to attract a guy. In all honesty, any one can do it with the right knowledge. Some times it can be as easy as giving the guy across the room a nice smile, or even having a bit of skin on display. What is more of a challenge however, is letting off the right message to get the right type of guy for you.

The thing is this, it’d be easy for me to tell you how to go out and pull a guy today. However, the type of man you end up pulling may not necessarily be the type of guy you’d want to make your boyfriend. They may have the looks and initial charm, but who’s to say they won’t end up being a player, or a guy only out for sex and that’s it?

In reality, getting a nice man is the hard part of things.

How To Find A Nice Man

So you’ve decided that you want a good guy, a guy that will treat you like you deserve to be treated and isn’t after just one thing. But how do you find this type of guy? Well, the best way is to avoid the wrong type of guy, then get to know any of the other guys remaining. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid unsuitable men, as always make sure you put them into practice in order to start seeing results:

  • Avoid Sexual Jokes
    This is a big one. If you meet a guy and on the first day he’s already making sexual jokes and suggestions, get away from him fast! He’s the type of guy that’s clearly only there for one thing: To get into your pants. So what should you do if he starts making inappropriate references? Simple, get up and tell him you have to leave. Don’t give him any of you contact details, and if he wonders why you’re leaving at such haste let him know politely but firmly that you didn’t think his subject matter was appropriate.
    It’s best to avoid these type of guys if you’re after any sort of meaningful relationship, you won’t find one of those with him.
  • See If He Wants To Get To Know You
    After you’ve met this guy, go on a few dates before you take anything further. Make sure all the dates are out in public places, and allow plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. You could also include activities such as bowling or ice skating to keep things exciting, or a coffee bar if you want to take it nice and easy. If he’s still around after a few dates then he’s got potential, as a guy only after a one night stand will have given up a long time ago.
  • Be Mindful Of Where You Meet The Guy
    The location where you meet a guy can often be a big teller in what type of guy he is. If you’ve ever been to a bar or club where everything seemed a bit shady you’ll know what I’m talking about. A lot of girls have a regular place where they can potentially meet guys. But if it hasn’t worked out with any of the guys you’ve met there then maybe it’s time to find a new place to find a different type of guy?
    It’s often best to look for guys in a location you yourself are comfortable with, that way you’ve a better chance of meeting some one that has similar interests as you. Who knows, that place may even become a place you go together if he ends up becoming your boyfriend.

In all honesty, it is some times hard to avoid the wrong type of guy. Some times they appear sweet and honest, only for you to see that’s not true later down the line. Having said that, you can weed out 90% of those type of guys with the above steps. This will mean you’re left with a good chance of finding a nice guy, and more importantly a guy that’s right for you. There are much more detailed steps to avoiding the wrong type of guy in the book From Flirting To Forever, so check that out.

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