How To Get Over Valentines Day Blues

Valentines Day Blues

Valentines day, one of the best days in the year if you’re with a loving boyfriend. If you’re single and alone on this day however, valentines day can be something of a nightmare to be around. All of a sudden it’s much more apparent you’re alone and single, and the need to get a boyfriend quick becomes stronger then ever.

Even if you’ve been happily single throughout the year, valentine’s day always has a way of making you wish you wasn’t. Maybe it’s the site of happy couples everywhere you go, or the knowing that everyone else is on dates while you’re home alone watching TV. Either way, it can really get you wondering how to get a boyfriend fast, then kicking yourself when you realise you’ve left it to the last minute.

It doesn’t have to be this way however, there is a sure-fire way to get over those valentines day blues: To have a date on valentines day! Yep, an obvious answer, but one that not enough women act on. Ask any single girl if they’d want a date on valentines day, and most of the answers would be yes. Despite this, very few of these girls will do anything about getting a date on this day, and if they do they will go about it in the wrong way…

The Last Minute Valentines Day Date

Ringing up a guy a day or two before valentines day and asking them what they’re doing on the 14th of February is what a lot of girls end up resorting to. This however is not recommended, as it make you seem lonely and desperate. This is especially true when you haven’t spoken to the guy in a while, or if you have never asked them to go out with you before. You have to remember, there is a reason you haven’t asked this guy out before. Either he’s not your type, or he’s not good for you in some way. Take time to find a better man even if it is after valentine’s day, it’s the smarter way to find a man and one that will suit you better in the long term.

How To Ensure You’re Not Single On Valentines Day

If you want to make sure you’ve got a date next valentines day, your best bet would be to get a boyfriend from now. Now I’m not talking about a non serious relationship that will last a month if that, I’m talking about a boyfriend that will be there for you on a long term basis and you’ll actually want to spend more special days with rather then just valentine’s day. If you’re not sure how to get a loving man like this, you should check out From Flirting To Forever by dating expert Kara Oh. In this book she tells you how to become in touch with your womanly energy in order to attract men with minimum ease. She also tells you how to pick a guy which is suitable for you, and weed out all the guys looking for one thing only (Sex).

Getting Over The Valentine’s Day Blues

As valentines day comes to an end, it’s important not to feel sad or depressed about the whole thing. What you need to remember is that this is one day in a year, you still have the ability to get a man now. So get and read From Flirting To Forever, use the tactics in the book to get a nice boyfriend, and make every day with him valentine’s day!

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