How To Meet Guys Fast, And Lots Of Them

How to meet guys fast

Let me tell you something, lots of girls want to meet guys fast. However, finding a boyfriend you can truly connect with isn’t easy. There are lots of guys out there, but the truth is a lot of them won’t be right for you. Because of this, it’s often best to meet as many guys as you can and hope to find someone you can connect with from there.

Finding a man is all about the numbers. Imagine you met one guy a month for the next year. If you meet someone you like, fair enough. If you don’t but you want a boyfriend, you’ve just wasted a year of your life (One year older, eek). If however you used proven methods to meeting a lot of guys fast, you could’ve met all those twelve guys in a week or less, and if none float your boat move on to looking in the next set of guys.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to date all these guys or even flirt with them if you don’t want to, but what I am saying is the more guys you meet the more likely you’ll find someone you like.

So what are the quickest ways of meeting guys? Well, we’re about to show you below:

Meet Guys Fast With Online Dating

Online dating can be a great way to meet guys fast if used correctly, a complete waste of time if not. I have personally had great experiences with online dating, as have many of my friends. While it used to be seen as a taboo to meet guys online, it’s now becoming more and more acceptable and often something that’s openly talked about by the modern woman.

While I’ve tested out a few dating websites, the best one I’ve come across is eHarmony. I’m sure you’ve seen the adverts, “We’re not just a dating website, we’re a relationships website”. They say this because you don’t just browse random people’s profiles like you do on other dating websites, you’re actually matched to other people based on a personality questionnaire you fill in when you sign up. eHarmony is free to sign up to and see your matches.

When online dating, it’s important to remember a few things. Just because you’ve got a a load of guys at your finger tips now, it doesn’t mean that your wants should change from what you would normally look for. Many girls start using a online dating site and all of a sudden think they’re going to meet the perfect man. They reject men that they’d normally be happy to go out with if he was to approach them in a bar, and instead only message guys which they feel are extremely good looking. This of course is the wrong way to go about it. If a nice guy approaches you and you’d normally speak to them offline, then do the same online. That way you’ll end up meeting more men and find it easier to find the one that’s right for you.

Meet Guys Fast By Speed Dating

Another way to meet guys fast is by speed dating. With speed dating you get to meet a whole load of guys face to face, and if you’re compatible get to know them better after the event. On average, you meet around thirty guys for two minuets each. This is ideal, as it’s just long enough to see if you have an interest in some one, but not too long to keep you talking to some one you don’t think is suitable for you.

The great thing about speed dating is every one knows what they’re there for. There’s no guess work about who’s single and who’s not, you’re all there to meet some one of the opposite sex and find a potential partner.

One of my favourite places to speed date is Speed Dater. They always have a lot of guys turn up to their events (Many of them get sold out way before the day) and have a really good vibe to the night. With Speed Dater they allow 30 guys and 30 girls to attend any one night, so there’s always plenty to choose from.

If you’re shy about going speed dating by yourself, why not go with a few of your single friends? I’ve always had the most fun at these events when there were a few of us, as you can’t beat a good gossip about the night on the way back 🙂

These are the two best ways of meeting loads of guys fast. If you want to get a boyfriend fast, using a combination of these and other methods should do the job. Finding a boyfriend is a numbers game, the more guys you meet, the more likely you are to meet someone that is right for you. Now you know how to meet guys fast, best of luck finding your ideal partner!

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