The Changing Shape Of Online Dating In America

Online dating in the USAOnline dating is becoming an extremely useful way for singles in American to find a relationship. But it’s not just singles who are benefiting from this phenomena. The online dating industry also supports a whole load of other businesses and companies which profit from this new way of meeting a partner.

Some of these companies include dating site link exchange websites. Others include the actually dating sites themselves, relationship advice websites, sellers of ebooks and the like.

Dating Online Is A Popular Way To Meet People

It is said that couples who meet and marry through online dating sites will get hitched in half the time of their offline counterparts. Roughly speaking, couples who meet online spend half the time courting compared to people who meet and marry in more traditional ways.

Recent statistics show that about one in five people in the USA will have dated someone they met online at some point in their life, even if it resulted in nothing more than a single date. This is quite an impressive figure.

Going online is fast becoming the way to meet someone new. The idea of online dating being only for nerds or those who can’t meet anyone in the “real world” is becoming more and more outdated. In fact, in many social groups, online dating is now considered a cool thing to do.

Dating Sites Niches

Online dating sites are now not just a ‘one size fits all’ affair. There are sites out there which will cater for just about every niche you could possibly think of, and probably even more. Some may say it’s dating site owners simply cashing in, but the truth is people want to meet like-minded individuals. A specific website which brings people with similar interests is ideal for anyone who has a specific type.

A recent study highlighted that over 90% of parents who are single, would prefer to meet and date someone who is or has been in their own situation. This is understandable when you consider the pressures and constraints on a single mother or father. Not only that, but the desire to get together and start a new family is much less compared to singles who wish to become parents and feel their biological clock is ticking away.

So would it not make sense to have a dating site that caters just for single parents? Online dating USA has become a much bigger business in recent times, and with moves like this it’s only going to get bigger.

Join The Club

The success stories continue to roll, and it is thought that now nearly half of all single Americans know someone who has looked online when it comes to dating.

Traditional ways of dating will always remain, but the advantages of meeting someone on the internet can not be overlooked. Being able to search for someone who matches your criteria is partly why online dating in America is becoming the way to go for US singles.

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