Where To Meet Guys

Where to meet guys

One thing I always here from single ladies, is they don’t know where to meet guys. A lot are busy with work and are resting in the little time they have off. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, you need to realise if you don’t go out of your way to meet guys, you usually won’t get to meet anyone. No hunky man is going to burst through your window one night while you’re watching friends re-runs, if you want to find a boyfriend you need to put yourself where guys are. So without further ado, I’m going to show the best places you can find and meet men. Make sure you read through all of these and see which is best for you. Personally I’d advice trying all of them, as the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you’ll find a boyfriend!

Meet A Guy At A Bar

I know I know, this is the obvious place. But do you know why? Because it works! Bars are known as the place to go if you’re looking for someone, so going to them will increase the likelihood you’re find a man. When you go to bars though, you need to be careful with who you meet. While there are some genuinely nice guys that go to bars, some guys are only out for one thing. When meeting someone in a bar, avoid anyone that wants you to come home for a ‘night cap’ as they’re not boyfriend material. Don’t let that put you off from looking for someone in a bar however, you will meet a lot of nice people and potentially a future boyfriend.

Meet A Guy Speed Dating

Speed dating is one of the best places to meet guys who are also looking for a relationship. You may not have initially thought of this when wondering how to get a boyfriend, but this can be an awesome tool in finding a serious and loving man. The great thing about speed dating is everyone’s there for the same reason: To meet people and see if they can find a partner. Many girls choose to go with their friend and make a day out of it. This makes it fun and less nerve racking, so if you can gather up a few friends to go with you this would be ideal.

So what is speed dating? Speed dating is where you have a series of short ‘dates’ with a load of guys. For example, there will be thirty guys and thirty girls in a room. You being one of those girls will have 30 one minute dates with each of those guys in the room. In those dates you have to see if anyone takes your liking and mark it down. If you mark someone down that also marked you, you’re both informed at the end and you can get to know eachother from there.
Speed Dater
is one of the best speed companies around, as it holds events all over the UK. If you’re not from the UK however, you can search for speed dating events in your local area.

Where To Meet Guys, At Social Events?

Just going out to social events will increase the likelihood you’ll meet someone. Going to festivals, comedy clubs, live music shows and comedy clubs will mean you’ll be around all sorts of people. Due to the (usually) good vibe of social events, most people will be a lot more open to talking if you approach them right. This means you’ll get to meet loads of like minded people (They are going to an event you both like after all) and hopefully a potential partner out of the bunch. When attending these events, I recommend you don’t go there expecting anything, more to just enjoy the event. If you’re in a good vibe you’re more likely to attract people around you as they’ll want some of those good vibes to rub off on them. Do it right and you could be the centre of attention.

Where To Meet Guys, Online?

Now this is the biggest rise in trends I’ve seen in recent years, more and more girls are turning to finding a boyfriend online. Dating websites such as eHarmony and Match.com are making it easier for girls to search and find a partner from the comfort of their own home. Using dating sites are becoming a lot more socially acceptable, and a large number of woman are recommending these sites to their friend after good experiences. eHarmony matches you to partners via their online personality test. This test is free to do and is said to match you based on your deep routed personality. Because of this, people that meet on there are highly likely to get on with each other and form longer lasting relationships. Match.com is also a very popular website, they’ve matched countless amount of people and have set up a whole load of couples. Match.com are probably the biggest dating website in the world with eHarmony catching up fast.

If you’ve ever worried about where to meet guys, those worries should now be at the back of your head. Now you should know where to meet guys, now all you have to do is go and get one!

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