Why You Should Never Beg Him Back

Don't Beg Your Boyfriend Back

So you’ve been going out with a guy and everything seems to be going well. Then one day out of the blue he ends it with you. Your natural reaction would be to try and get him back, but is this really a good idea?

In all honesty, it depends. The first thing to establish is why he ended it with you. If he gives you a reason that is untrue or is simply a misunderstanding, then explain to him the truth and hopefully you should get back together. For example, if he feels you done something you didn’t do, or he took something the wrong way.

If however he ends it with you for a real reason such as he feels you’re growing apart or he doesn’t feel you’re compatible, then it may be best to let him go.

While of course you can try and get him to work things out and try and convince him that you can do things to make it work, if his mind’s set on ending this relationship then it’s often the best thing to do regardless of how you feel. Why is this? Because even if you do end up getting back together it won’t work, period!

Would You Want Him To Beg And Pressure You?

Think about it if the roles were reversed for a minuet. Imagine you were with a guy who you initially liked but were starting to see it wasn’t going to work. So you gave it a try for a little while to see if you could be wrong, but more and more things keep popping up that you weren’t happy with. So you finally build up the courage to tell him it’s not working out but he won’t accept it that you feel the relationship is over. But you know it is.

He keeps begging you and begging you to give him another chance, and feeling bad you eventually agree. But do you really want to give this relationship another try? Are you really going to be happy going through the motions of trying to make a dead relationship work? No, you’re not. And the end result will be you having to break it off later down the line and you two being in a relationship on the edge until then.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

While it’s hard to let a relationship go, it’s often better then being in a relationship that’s only one way. My advice to you would be to let him know how much you mean to him then let him go. Don’t keep contacting him, let him know it will be too hard so you won’t be in touch. And what will happen? One of two things:

  1. He’ll get back in touch telling you he made a mistake.
    Some times what people really need is time to think about their situation. He may have been having doubts about you, but the time away made him realise how much he really does care for you.
  2. You won’t hear from him again.
    He knows the relationship won’t work, so has stuck true to his word and moved on. This is better for you in the long term anyway as at least you won’t have wasted more time then necessary with this relationship.

Begging to get a guy back is never a good thing for either party. While it may be hard to not do so, some times it’s often best to let them know how you feel then step away from the situation. If it was meant to be he’ll come back to you. If not, your prince charming’s still out there somewhere. Best of luck finding him!

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